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Portrait of a queer couple - 120 cm x 1 m - Oil on linen -2020


Jiha and the opium pipe - 160 cm x 110 cm - Oil on Canvas - 2019 


Childportrait - 70 cm x 45 cm - Oil on linen - 2019 - Comissioned


First Selfportrait-Oil on linen-110cm x 60cm-2019


Nima-Oil on linen-65cm x 41cm-2019

This is a portrait, painted from life, of a young catalan man, he has a grey shirt, black hair and brown shiny eyes. It is painted in the realist style, with inspiration from Anders Zorn and John Singer Sargent. This is most obvious on the ear, because of the way it is painted with clear abstract shapes of colours. Notice the simple shadowshapes on the side of the nose, in the nostril and between the lips. They are of a warm colour. There is an impasto in the hair, that creates a shiny hair, 3d effect.

Mauro-Oil on wood-48cm x 39cm-2019


Green Selfportrait-Oil on canvas-70cm x 50cm-2019